Thursday, February 26, 2009

coming soon.....

We are a family of 9 hoping soon to become a family of 11! We are presently in the process of officially committing to adopt two little girls in Bulgaria.

Yana Jewell [her new name] will soon be 6. She has Down syndrome and hydrocephalus, and is very tiny [the size of my 3 year old!], very delayed, and very adorable. She is said to be positive and calm. I can not wait to show you her updated pictures!

Shawnee Valentinova [her new name] is 3, was born premature and as a result developed permanent bilateral blindness. Her development is delayed but she is said to have very good potential for "normal" development. In her medical description it said that she would often rock while laying on her back and left alone. Please pray with me that when she rocks from now on it is because an angel is holding her and gently rocking her with love until her new mommy can be the one to rock her! I can not wait until I have updated pictures!

They have no idea they will soon be sisters. They are in separate orphanges and have never met. They also have no idea that they have 2 sisters and 5 brothers [ages 16-3] ready to welcome them to their new home in Kansas! I hope that they can soon know what it is to be truly loved in the heart of a family!