Friday, March 13, 2009

Darling Yana,

Mommy is thinking of you right now. Your birthday is coming up next week and I can't help but wonder what toys you would like. Do you like stuffed animals? Do you like toys that make noise? Light up? Do you enjoy pretty clothes and dresses? When you are finally home we will go shopping together and you can pick out things you like!

My arms are hurting right now longing to hold you! Some people are telling me this crazy, that bringing you home will be too hard, that I don't understand what I am getting into. Don't be mad at them. They don't understand, I feel sorry for them. How can they understand what is in my heart? When God created me, he made sure there was a big hole in my heart that only you would be able to fill! I cry tears of joy when I look at your picture. You are coming home soon sweetheart. Mommy will hold you when you cry, laugh with you when you find something funny, hold your hands so you can walk [or run] until your heart is content! Together we will overcome any obstacles in your path! I have complete faith in God and His plans for us! IT will be okay if it takes you a long time to come to trust and love me. God planted enough love in my heart to love you wherever you are, however you are! Hang in there baby, Mommy will be there soon!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Princess Shawnee Valentinova

Picture removed to allow for public blog. Sorry.

She takes my breath away! Both my girls are so cute, I think I may have trouble not spoiling them rotten! Boy will John have a hard time, he is a sucker when it comes to little girls! LOL

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thinking of my girls tonight....

It is 10pm here. Bulgaria is 8 hours ahead. That makes it 6 am there.

I wonder what my babies are doing. Are they just waking up? Are they hungry? Are they cold/hot? Are they sick? Are they lonely? Will they be loved on today? Do they know that there is a mommy and a daddy an ocean away longing to hold them and say "good morning beautiful!"?!

"Good morning my beautiful girls!"

I am thinking of you as I go to bed tonight and will pray for you to have a great day! Celebrate your life today for you are wonderfully made!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Link to the girls and family sponsorship opportunity!

Here is a link to our family sponsorship profile. It is not all set up yet, but you can see the girls.

Yana is first. It is an old picture. I have a more recent one I hope to post soon. She is such a doll!

Next, in the red and blue, is Shawnee. I dont' know how old this pic is, probably a year. She is beautiful! I should be recieving a new picture soon and will post it along with Yanas new pic.

Please be in prayer for us! This decision has been on my heart for so long. To finally find our girls and make the commitment has given me such joy and such a sense of peace! I never knew our girls were in Bulgaria until a very short time ago.... God is just amazing! I feel as if my whole life has been stitched together in such a way so that when the time cam, I would jump in with both feet and say "YES" to God when he blessed me by calling me to be a mama to these two precious girls!