Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Leaving June 28th, or maybe not... :(

SO... we are still having problems with paperwork NOT moving! The birthcertificates aren't ready, they need to be in the right office by tomorrow to be ready by Friday. SO that the passports can be taken care of, so that I can arrive on Tuesday and pick the girls up Wednesday! Then to get medicals, and visa interviews out of the way so we can leave bright and early Friday! NOT a whole lot of room for waiting around on paperwork!

I hate this.... I don't want to wait. I want to have it all taken care of so that I can FINALLY hold my girls again, and not have to say good bye!!!!

I am 4 days from leaving! To be this close, and have to wait yet again....


  1. PRAYING NOW!!! For everything to be ready for your family!!!!!!

  2. I am so sorry you have to endure uncertainty with the process- how very frustrating. I completely understand that it is time to bring your dear daughters home!

    Praying for everything to fall into place and for your daughters to get home asap!

    God Bless Your Journey Dear Friend!

  3. I've just prayed to our Father, asking Him to organise your paperwork so that it is all taken care of so that you may finally take your two little girls home and settle in as a complete family :)

  4. Praying for paperwork miracles again! But I'm sooo gonna laugh if we're there together again...after all this!!:)

  5. Oh my goodness, my friend, I cannot even imagine how insane this journey has been for you. Ridiculous! The prize is going to be so worth it--and you are soooooooo close to it. Hang in there, precious friend. PRAYING here in VA.

    Sending you a huge hug today.

  6. Praying that paperwork moves!!!!!! You need to get there! They need to get home!!