Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yana Tidbits....

Yana is loving her new skill of drinking from a sippy cup!!! So is mom! I have started playing around with giving her things like ice cream and yogurt by spoon. She spits it all out, but I think she is showing some interest!

Yana is amazing me daily with her new found freedom. She literally crawls ALL over finding all sorts of things to get into. The best part is she will hear someone having fun in a different room and she will GO CHECK IT OUT! HOW COOL IS THAT? The little girl that not 9 weeks ago was essentially a zombie, seemingly unaware of the happenings in the world around her now intentionally and joyfully goes to where the action is! Never doubt for a single second that GOD protects the hearts and souls of these precious love-starved babies!

Yana is, of all things, using the potty! After each meal, I set her on the potty and she GOES! And I have to be completely honest here, seeing her sitting on her little potty is about the cutest thing in the whole world! :)

*** a couple of other things for moms with children that have some big delays like Yana...
1. If I really want her attention and for her to interact purposefully she can not hvae a toy. Even playing with a toy together... I lose her. SO for now we are doign LOTS of songs, clapping, fingerplays adn wrestling :).

2. She gets told "NO" and patted on the mouth for spitting. When I hold her close, esp. at bed time, she will often spit. I can see her comforting herself with this, or maybe just expressing her displeasure. After a couple of times, she quits, and I get more eye contact and more attention from her. [I also do this as I dont' want her thinking it's okay to spit in peoples faces :)] I hvae had the kids stop spitting at her trying to get her to imitate them also!

Taking advantage of the nice weather we went to the park this weekend. Yana's hair can do pig tails! How cute is that?


  1. So cute! I love to see the progress:)!

  2. we tool little G to the park over the weekend too. She loved it. I cant wait to go again. I wanted to thank you for comenting on my blog. Your comments both on your blog and mine really help. I think if you add the adoption plus everything else we are dealing with right now it is alot. I forget. Plus to know that you are dealing with spitting and one of my peeves is fake sneezing...... ha ha!

  3. It's great to read her update!! Sounds like she is making so much progress! And yes, the pigtails are too cute!! :) Blessings, Jennifer

  4. She's looking beautiful, sounds like a wonderful strong spirit in there :D Isaac's big on spiting too when he's not happy. More of a zerbert type of spitting..but none the less, not something I like or allow. Reading this I'm realizing how much my little boy has changed. He really is a different child then the one that came home. He no longer rocks himslef..which was a biggy for him. Gosh..I don't even really know when it stopped..I just know he doesn't do it anymore :D Your an amazing mom Kelly & I'm so proud of your wonderful mothering heart. Your an inspiration to me for sure.