Thursday, May 13, 2010

Prayers for Travel,....

For those of you wondering...

I am planning on leaving for Bulgaria on June 26th, and arriving home on July 1st with the girls in tow!

Now, that is assuming court is successful, that the volcano stays out of the way, and that things go as planned. WHEN has anything in this whole adoption journey gone as planned you ask? A big fat NEVER in answer to that! So if you can continue to pray that we can leave on the 26th if not sooner. Sooner is highly unlikely as court holds the official documents for 14 days, the new birthcertificate then takes 10 days, and that leaves a couple of days in there for whatever else needs doing.

Toni will then arrange for the girls to go get passport photos, which is awesome as it shortens my trip by 3 days or so! :)

So 26 days in June, 17 days left in May.... That's only 43 days till I leave to bring them home. I CAN do this! I have already waited over 400 days! What is 43 more?!

*** AS a side note, you might wonder what we waiting parents do while we wait. In talking with others, esp. those who have had LONG waits, it has become apparent that a common thing we do is fold, and REFOLD all the little clothes in their dresser, and continually rethink the clothes we will be taking with us for them to wear. Maybe it makes us feel in control, or just connected... I don't know. But I have never folded the same little outfits so many times in my life! :)


  1. I know what you mean! I packed and repacked for him too...makes you feel closer to being there.
    It won't be long now :)

  2. That only 6 weeks(sounds better than 43 days)! I'm praying the same for me then! There! Done!:)

  3. Oh, I will be saying all kinds of prayers for you! That the time passes quickly, that there are no snags, and...PLEASE GOD..put a cork on the volcano already!

  4. You have waited so long to go back! Look how close you are!! I am so happy for your family!

  5. Just can't wait for the day you see them again!!! :)

  6. Cant wait for you to bring your girls home! Quick question, how do I find the church fundraiser widget you had on your blog showing how much money you have raised already? Thanks

  7. Oh dearest friend, you know I can hardly wait to see those angels FINALLY come home. Oh happy day.

    The time will fly by, I just know it.

    Loving you heaps.

  8. Thanks so much for taking time to find the fundraiser widget. Appreciate it:)

  9. I'm so excited for you guys! :) The days are gonna be watching water boil, ugh,lol...but before you know it, you'r gonna be holding your girls again..& their gonna be 100% yours! Yay!!! ♥