Friday, November 5, 2010

4 months home!

I can hardly believe it!!

It's been crazy enough that I can look back and honestly not quite believe we made it through!
Each day presented and continues to present new challenges. 9 kids, diverse beginnings, and 3 of which are teens guarantees that life is neither quiet, peaceful nor boring! And yet I am at peace, my heart overflows, my mind is mush.... Life ain't perfect ;).

Tavi slowly continues to do better each day. She is learning English slowly but surely. She still repeats every phrase we say back to us and holds conversations with herself ;). She tends to think she's quite funny! She loves music. Since I only know a few songs we play those over and over. Give her 6 months and she'll be playing them!

She has an eye appointment on the 11th with a specialist. We will see if she truly has some vision, or is just a miraculously smart and adaptable little girl ( well, she already is.... But it remains to be seen if she can see!)

Now miss Yana is the one who astounds me. Today, just TODAY, 4 months to the day of being home she played for 20 minutes in the bathtub! She has NEVER, EVER played at ALL in the tub before tonight other than dunking her head under. And that just happened a couple days ago! But tonight she was a crazy, happy girl playing, splashing, dunking herself! And she would NOT get out! That in itself is amazing. She is always ready to get out!

I wish I could show the transformation of this little girl! Picture a 7 year old that did not play, did not understand or care about cause and effect, just wanted to be left alone. Now picture a 7 year old awakened for the first time to a life that is fun, a life that she can influence, a life she participates in with thought and wide eyed wonder! She went from being in a daze all day, to being EXCITED to start her day! AND get this! The little bugger did not want to go to bed last night! She wanted to stay up and PLAY and was quite clear about it!

It's nothing short of a miracle! Both of these girls are on the road to being normal kids, that have normal childhoods, a "semi" normal family, and normal hopes and dreams! Over so many miles God gently aced them into our family and we and so many of you have the privilege of seeing them go from "shells of what could have beens" to "mornings gonna stop us nows"!

Before my eyes I am witnessing what Gods love and mercy can do. I always knew it, deep down I knew it, but the world tries so hard to bury it..... In the presence of God impossible is just a word. In the hands of God your body is energized. Within the shelter of Gods love lives are transformed and made new. In the arms of God it is safe to let your heart beat again with joy, courage, wonder, and .... hope!


  1. I love hearing how your girls have miraculously changed with the love from your family! As I have always believed and know to be true....Adoption is one of God's Greatest miracles!

  2. And again, you make me smile!:) So happy to see progress...AMAZING progress in the girls:)!

  3. Just wanted to confirm that Yana is a miracle! Our son was in the same orphange and we happened to see her in April on our first trip. God is good!!!! What a transformation. He is still in the business of miracles!!!

    Praising God for your heart and obedience. We share your story (or what we've read about it)so often. It is so amazing!