Saturday, November 6, 2010

Will needs a family!

This year I am a Christmas Warrior through Reeces Rainbow for Will. He is a little 5 year old boy with Down syndrome. In his write up it says that he is very serious. That just makes me want to hug him and put a lasting smile on his face! The best way I know to do that is to bring him a family.

He is in a country very dear to my heart ;) ..... If you are able, would you please consider donating to help Will get to the $1000 mark by Christmas, or better yet maybe we could get his whole adoption paid for!

Most importantly, pray for Will that his family finds him and starts working to bring him home!

Here is little Will! Don't you want to see that little face break into a sneaky grin?

Heres the link to his information and how you can donate towards his adoption fund. Which if you are interested is tax deductible. :)
Will's adoption fund!


  1. I love him also. I'm so glad to see someone advocating for him. Saying prayers that funds roll in. God bless, Jennifer

  2. glad you are his warrior. I would love to see a smile on his face too.