Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orphan Sunday/ Saturday at our church

Well, I can't say it was perfect, but I gave our "How did you first enter into adoption?" testimony on Saturday to start off our "Orphan Sunday" sermon.

They even got it on video, which had I known I would have done myself up just a little bit.;) Sometimes, the most I can do is just show up.... moms you know how that is right? :)

Talking in front of a group is so not my thing, I wish it was. I am getting better, and thats kind of scary once you watch ... but the point wasn't how great I was, it was that God has moved in my life in a mighty way and I wanted to be able to share that.

Here is the link, I do my testimony and then Pastor Jeff does his sermon, which btw, is fantastic [as always!]. So if you have the time, listen to it all.

Listen and Watch here!

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