Friday, October 15, 2010

Sometimes 100% is the only thing that is acceptable!

Luke 15:1-7

This is the biblical passage that has been on my mind and my heart lately.

Now I realize this story is talking about believers that have wandered away from God, and that it also is addressing the attitudes of the those still following Jesus.

But it also tells me that Jesus desires 100% outcomes. That just one child suffering, one child alone and afraid, one child hungry, one child out of MILLIONS without a family is ONE CHILD TOO MANY!

In the adoption community you hear the debate about what exactly is an "orphan". You hear debate about "levels" of suffering and need. Clearly a child with both parents deceased and living in the harsh conditions of Africa can be seen as in desperate need. And that a child living in the US, in the foster care system, presents a stikingly different picture of need.

Most often in foster care physical and medical needs are being met, so you will rarely see a 10 year old weighing just 25 lbs. You will not see a child ravaged by disease, or unable to walk when all that would be required is a fairly simple procedure here in the US. But you do see a child with emotional scars that would make the knees of most adults I know buckle under the pressure. You do see a child that is a confusing mix of maturity and drastic immaturity. You do see a child that ic crying out in every way imaginable for help, and instead gets thrown around from being one families "problem" to the next, and each placement just makes those scars deeper and more permanent. And what scares me the most, what makes the tears fall, what makes me so mad that I shake with it.... EMOTIONAL TRAUMA IS AN ACCEPTED AND EXPECTED PART OF OUR FOSTER CARE SYSTEM! TRAUMA!!!!

All around us kids are being traumatized under the guise of good will and help! Seriously, these kids are the future of the USA, and the best we have to offer them is not going hungry, needed surgeries and medicines and emotional trauma? Does that seem wrong to anyone else?

But then you have the children in other countries in crowded and underfunded orphanages. They are going hungry, suffering with sickness or medical conditions needing treatment, and they are experience emotional trauma as well!


I doubt very much that Jesus evaluates "levels" of suffering or need. I dont' think God doles out grace based on you needing it more than me or vice versa. It isn't in limited supply.

The fact is need is need. And right now there are millions of children all over the world in GREAT meed. God doesn't expect for us to meet 100% of these needs for 100% of these children.


He has said "GO". Help the "least of these". Be the vessel that reflects Gods love in the world.

147 MILLION or 1!? In the USA, or Africa, China, Europe? Newborn or 19 [or 89 for that matter]?

I doubt very much that God wants to hear excuses. He doesnt' want to debate. He doesn't want to specify levels of need.

He wants hearts stirred to action. He wants us to live boldly because of our love and faith in Him. He wants us to TALK with Him and to LISTEN as He directs our paths.

He doesnt' want our leftovers of time, money, resources, or love. He wants 100% of us.


Right now there is a child alone, suffering, sick, scared, without a family, without a future, crying in silence and wasting away. Jesus cares. Do you?




*** change of topic***

My heart is longing to adopt again! I am so trying to think of other things! But it is an overwhelming desire.

I am praying and waiting on God to turn Johns heart. There are things that need to happen to let us adopt again successfully. At this point it isn't the life John wants. He is wanting our family to be complete. I understand that, really, truly I do.

But telling my heart... well that just isn't working. So I am giving this to God and asking him to fix this situation, to fix the balance and to help create/unify the vision for our marriage and family.

I love my husband, love my children, love my life. My heart and my arms long to be open to whatever child God calls us to to bring home.



  1. :)! I know, I know, I know! Praying for unity and miracles for you friend!

  2. I know what you mean. I saved almost half of the needed money to adopt my husband said come talk to me when you have the money so, I did but, still know? God helped me save that money I could not have done it any other way so why is the answer no? I am struggling with this and trying not to be angry but, it is really hard I do not understand? I can donate money and advocate for these kids but, it doesn't help my heart I don't know what to do? I am struggling to have faith praying for you as well

  3. I felt the call to adopt 10 years ex-husband said no. I continued to feel the call to adopt after divorce...but no money. I "found" my son on Reece's Rainbow 2 years ago, but I wasn't married and his country didn't allow singles. Somehow, God saved my son for me (and my new hubby) and we leave in 4 weeks to go get him. I wonder how long after he is home before I will feel the call again. (Truth is...I feel it now. I wish we could bring home more than just him!)

  4. Thank you for posting this! And mom26kids...praying for your husband's heart to change right now!!