Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This Little Light of Mine...

When I look at Yana and see her smile, I see a smile that lights up the world. I see JOY, pure and simple. So much a part of her Creator, that I can't help but smile back.

This little light of mine, in my heart she will forever shine. In the heart of her family, she will forever be a shining light.

She is living her life in the arms of a mommy and daddy, and brothers and sisters, and grandmas, aunts and uncles, and cousins, and friends. She MATTERS, and she is LOVED! She is no longer called orphan, but instead a cherished daughter. What once was a bleak, lonely, and desperately sad future is a part of her past. Her life is now spent in the arms of her family, until our Savior calls her home.

Anne Marie was never anyones shining light. She never got to the part about being a cherished daughter, she never knew the security and protection found in her earthly fathers arms. She died an orphan, without a family, without a future.

Her pain, her suffering, her longing to be held are all a part of her past. She is being lovingly held in the arms of Jesus! Her time on earth was too short. This precious little light of Heaven no longer shines for us to see.

Like Anne Marie, the faces of those without forever families to love them are real. And the sad truth is many of them die without anyones life being changed by their passing. They die just as they lived, ALONE. What is wrong with this world?

So many children are in desperate need of a loving, Christian family. All ages, all countries... they all are in need! Live out your faith! ANSWER THE CALL TO BATTLE!
Here are some links to waiting child listings in the US, and other countries.

Reecse Rainbow

US waiting children

Texas waiting children

US waiting children 2

The agency that helped us bring the girls home!

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