Monday, November 9, 2009

The decision has been made, we are changing names....

I guess it is better now, than when she has been home for 6 months huh?! :)

TAVI VALENTINOVA will be her new name in her new family. That is of course unless I meet her and decide that she can not be named Tavi. Which I hvea done with my bio kids... went into labor with one name, cried because the name didn't "fit", then obsessed until we came up with one we both liked. :)


  1. For our first adoption, our son at 6 didn't have a choice in his name so we moved his first name to his middle name so he could chose when he got older what he wanted. In EE countries the "middle name" must be their "patranom"-or their father's name. So Valentinova is daughter of Valetin. We chose to give them two "first names" and remove the patranom. For our daughter adopted at 15 yrs. she was thrilled to remove the patranom as she never met her birth parents but wanted to keep her first name. Now that she is home in America she has everyone call her by her new American middle name! Which ever you choose, done in prayer and love will always be right!

  2. Her birth name is Slavka. Nothing against anyone named that... but it seems a hard name to carry in the US. And as a middle name is just doesnt' flow with anything. :)

    I kind of like the idea of her keeping something from her birthparents. we will never know anything about them, so maybe having something will be a good thing.