Sunday, November 22, 2009

John might go with me to meet his girls!

Praying, praying, praying!

John has suddenly started feeling like he should go and meet the girls with me. Without going into detail... THIS IS HUGE!

Logistically we are talking it out to see if we can even arrange care for the kids. But oh how I would LOVE for him to be there when I meet our babies... he was there for ALL the other "first meetings", except James [:(]

I want to hold my husbands hand as they bring our girls in... I want to marvel with him over how cute they are... I want to see him hold them close, with that new daddy smile, and remember it forever!

Please God, if it is your will for John to go, PLEASE make a way!



  1. Oh, that would be don't want him to miss that moment..I'm praying..

    God Bless,

  2. That would be amazing!!!!! We will pray about it....

  3. Oh I hope he can go with you to meet the kids!!! I love, love, love what you wrote about Benjamin. I talked with Andrea about Josh, who was in the same baby house as Benjamin. She wasnt sure if Josh was already transfered or not. When she got back to me she told me the sad news of Benjamin and that Josh was still there but time was very limited for him. We have committed to bring little Josh home along with Dania! I hope you dont mind if I post what you wrote about Benjamin on my blog - You said it so perfect!

  4. Nance that is awesome! Josh is a cutie! Congratulations on two! :)

    You are welcome to post what I wrote, any time, thank you. :)

  5. Hello my friend, I am just getting caught up after our little time away. Wow--this is a big thing for us to stand in prayer with you for. You KNOW I will :) How wonderful it will be to have your dear hubby with you. It will be such a precious time--I'm trusting with you for God to make a way.

    Love and biggest hugs.

  6. That would be wonderful... if I lived closer I would help with childcare ... I am sure that is as challenging as it is for us when we travel.

  7. Thank you Jeane, adn everyone else. I will post for sure later, but it really is looking like it just won't work. Logan and Luke just make it difficult in who we can trust to help.... That's life. We wouldn't trade 'em for anything, but it makes things hard somtimes.