Friday, November 6, 2009

Thinking of a change....

John and I hvae been thinking of changing Shawnees name to Tavi.

We both like it better, and it means 8th, which consequently is where she falls in the birthorder. Our fifth child is named Quincy [we didnt' intentionally pick it because she was the 5th one... :)]

Still, I have referred to her as Shawnee for so long... I just don't know.

Here are the 2 choices. Which one do you like for my dark and curly haired brown eyed girl?

Shawnee Valentinova OR

Tavi Valentinova


  1. How is it pronounced?
    I love names that have special meanings and names that are unique, so I would pick Tavi, regarless of how it's pronounced :)

  2. Oh for heavens sakes--I must have missed this while I was cleaning up vomit :)

    Oh I LOVE Tavi! That is such a stunning name, my friend. Let us know of your decision.

    Love it.

    You are toooo funny :) Not too much beef around here, friend. In fact, if I sent my boys to stay with you for a week, they would never want to leave :)

  3. I love the name Tavi its very pretty.

  4. My vote is for Tavi..Love the name, love the meaning behind it too. When we were waiting to bring Isaac home it seemed strange to me to call him anything but Vincent (his RR name),then when we were in Ukraine I got used to calling him Volva, his nickname for Volodymyr (his middle name now)..but once he was home the kids started calling him Isaac right off the bat & so it just became what he responded to with no problem what so ever. So I got used to it too..Now he's just Isaac 100% :) Shanee will love her new name :)

  5. LOL....well, then I guess it will be Tavi! :)

    Every one is going to think we have changed children... this is goign to be confusing. :)

    But I do love the name and how it goes with her middle name and now I wish we have a "V" in our last name for good measure. I suppose we could change our last name to "Maydeneva!". Very Bulgarian. LOL

  6. Tavi. Do you say it like Tav-e. Or like Tay-ve. I like the first one alot. They both sound really good though!!

  7. The emphasis is on the Tay, and it rhymes with navy ... like when you say Gravy, or Davey, or Navy... just the same. Does that help?