Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Floored, me that is!

I can not believe it! Our dossier is in the hands of our Bulgarian agency!


Just so you all understand... I dropped off our dossier on Monday afternoon, less than 48 hours ago! I couldn't decide between expidited and priority... both were costly, but priority was $50 dollars more. I couldn't help myself... I sent it priority, thinking that will get it there by Friday.

Well, I got an email this morning, saying it was there! Please understand, Bulgaria is 8 hours ahead of us... so it actually got there sometime last night! Which is like WAY less than 48 hours.

Cool stuff huh?!


  1. LOVE FED-EX!! Won't be long now!!

  2. Really? WHA-HOO!!!!! Go Fed Ex!! :) So excited for you!