Monday, May 4, 2009

27 days left and half way there!

A BIG THANK YOU to all who have entered the fundraiser to win the Walmart gift card! I can't believe it, but we are half way to our goal... with only 7 contributors! WOO HOO!

There has also been $100 donated to our Reeces Rainbow sponsorship page! And I have a $50 check in my hand as a donation. Praise the Lord for the generosity and caring of you all! I pray that your are rewarded greatly by our Heavenly Father, and for those of you in the adoption process... I pray your fundraising efforts exceed your wildest expectations!

Thank you all again! For those still interested in winning the gift card there are 27 days left. All it takes is $5 to for each time your name is put in the bucket to be drawn out on June 1st!

**Remember that if you donate to our sponsorship page via the princess button on the right you will be mailed a tax deductible receipt by Andrea @ RR.

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