Friday, May 29, 2009

delays, delays....

ugh! I wanted our HS done by the end of May. BUT the Drs. decided they need to see EVERYONE of my kids for a physical to fill out the forms required for the HS. ON one hand I understand, on the other they have seen them at least every year since they were infants, if they really weren't healthy, stable kids it would have shown up before now! AND James [foster son} Dr. wants to see him too, although he had a physical in Oct. Who knows if he will judge him based on how he is now, or how he was before he was with us! So, with all those appt. we are looking at June 18th for the last physical, not to mention the co-pays on everything! YUCK!

And we still have to do our 10 hours of on line education per Hague country requirements. It is SO easy to pin John down and say "do this".... NOT!

On a good note, or regular physicians agreed to do the psychiatric part of the form, so that saves time and money!

I want our HS done. I really am needing to be a step closer than we are... just to keep my spirits up and my motivation fresh! I still feel like the girls are a dream, and not "real" sometimes.


  1. I will pray for you that everything will be done by end of May..Remember God is with you ..

  2. Hang in there sweetie. You know how long our journey was. God is molding you and making you - preparing you for His work. (Boy, did I hate hearing that while I was waiting, but alas, it is so true.) hugs to you