Friday, May 8, 2009

I have 2 minutes, are you there God?

I often wonder if my life is an isolated phenomenon, or if others live the
way I do. Here it is, 8:13, as I sit down on the computer for a well deserved [?] break. ;) Here is a time line of my morning... and it is fairly typical, though somedays are a bit calmer.

1. 4:45 AM wake up to a thunderstorm, so let my big dog out because thunder makes her pee on the carpet. I wait, she pees, and comes back in. I wipe her feet.

2. 5:00 AM I get back up and switch the laundry to make sure everyone has dry socks for the day.

3. 5:30 AM I hit snooze

4. 5:40 AMI turn off the alarm, get up and get the first kid up to take a shower.

5. 5:45 AM I am folding the load of laundry I awas too tired to fold last night.

6. 6:00 AM I get the next kid up to shower and hurry her along a bit, shes moving slow! So far, neither kid wants to go to school. Typical for May!

7. 6:10 AM I am waking 4 more kids up, I put away laundry, I find their clothes for the day.

8. 6:20AAM I am setting out the choices for breakfast. My cat is hanging off the kitchen window screen outside, she got left out all night and is apparently freaked at the water falling from the sky! I let her in and clean up the muddy footprints she dragged with her....

9. 6:30 AM I urge everyone to get on breakfast, to keep moving! Turn off the TV! I wake up my husband and urge him to run to town as I forgot to get cash for one of my kids band day field trips. He apparently didn't like the idea, but I just smiled and said thankyou, and he left shortly.

10. 6:35 AM I clean up cat puke! Which one puked, there are 3 choices?

11. 6:45 AM I am urging all to BRUSH YOUR TEETH! I pull Quincys hair into a pony tail, leaving the tangles hidden :).

12. 6:52 AM the bus comes, 4 kids get on. HOORAY! I then make my 14 year old son a toaster strudel for breakfast, because he just wants to put one song on his I-pod!

13. 7:00 AM I am telling him to brush his teeth at which point he yells at me that I must think he is stupid since I am always telling him what to do. I say sweetly back that if he would brush them on his own, I sure wouldn't have to remind him.

14. 7:15 AM Riley and Logan leave for school. Riley drives now. FREEDOM!:) However, true story, I clean up cat puke again, from all over the side of a chair. It was semi dry. Wonder how long that has been there?

15. 7:20 AM I let the two dogs back outside. The puppy isn't picking up on housetraining quickly, so I have to stand out there with him till he goes. Done. I shut them on the deck to dry a bit.

16. 7:30 AM How did this happen? 2 wasps are inside. Luke is so scared of them, I have no fly swatter so I am chasing down two very angry wasps with a book, "Don't Waste Your Life". :) Got 'em.

17. 7:45 AM The phone rings. It's John. "sorry I was mad... do you need anything from town?" He brought me a mothers day gift yesterday... 2 beautiful hanging baskets of red flowers. So I am nice and say "Nope, love you!"

18. 7:50 AM The phone rings again. Its my friend Amy. We have short conversation about foster care. Frustration overload. Not because of Amy, but because of the system.

19. 8:05 AM I make myself an egg sandwich, sit down and eat it and read a passage from the book that I killed the wasps with. :) It was awesome, I am ready to kick some "butt" for Jesus today... but wait, where will I find the time? I am sure I can find more cat puke if I look hard enough, Cale has field day today, Riley works after school, I have to go to the grocery store, laundry needs done, I have to make a phone call to our car loan company and that means being on hold for an undetermined amount of time, I have to go to the bank, Luke hates field day.. did I mention that? But I have no one to watch him, Amy [mentioned above] is working today and she is my only hope for a sitter since family isn't an option anymore and my other 2 friends that watch him occassionally are currently working [long story there!], AND I have to finish the long and probably very boring post on my blog because I want more visitors. :)

20. 8:13 AM As I sit here typing, Luke is now awake. He wants his scrambled eggs, and the Batman movie, and his juice.

So while I would love to go on, this is for now the end. But my day is far from over. I am sure there will be more puke, either feline or canine, hopefully not human before the day is over. I have places to go, people to talk to, and things to do. I will, in all this chaos of a Friday in May, find time for Jesus! Thankfully he is WITH ME. So anytime, anywhere, any reason, if I have 2 minutes God will be there and He will be listening. And tonight, when the kids are all asleep, John is out for the night, the animals are all bedded down and quiet, my groceries are put away and supper is cleaned up I will be down on my knees thanking God and wondering why He TRUSTED me with so much and how it is that I got so lucky!!!!

As Mothers day approaches, it is tradition to celebrate ones mom. And I am so thankful for mine. But I have to tell you, for me Mothers Day is more a day of undeserved wonder that I get to be MOM to 7 fantastic kids. And that God has blessed me so greatly by placing 2 more precious girls upon my heart. And that he is with me opening whatever doors are too heavy for me to open w/o Him so that they can soon come home!!! Praise The Lord!


  1. How blessed are we to have you in this world!
    While your hands are full, you still see the blessings in each day. Will say a prayer for K.

  2. Thank you so much for the nice compliment! And thank you for your prayers!