Friday, May 1, 2009

3 kids I would love to see find a family....

Thomas is 4 years old. He has CP, but can walk holding onto railings. His caregivers love this smart little boy. I just can't see this smile hidden away in an institution for the rest of his life!

Ruslana just turned 4. She has Down syndrome, and is being transfered to a mental institution soon. She can not walk yet, so she will be bedridden for life most likely. She has not had therapy of any kind. She has a $5350 grant! Please don't let her life end alone in an instition!

This is Kenny. He has Down syndrome and just turned 4. He is walking and active and just looks like a perfect little boy to go fishing with daddy! Don't let him be sent away to an institution!

Now maybe you dont' think international adoption is for you. Maybe not the adoption of an older child. But open your heart and let God speak to you. He makes all things possible. Do not let finances hold you back! There are WAYS! Please visit for more information. Mention the kids by name and Andrea will get right back with you! Or ask me and I can point you in the right direction! Thank you!

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