Friday, July 16, 2010

Everythings going pretty well!

Well, the girls have been with me for almost 3 weeks. In a lot of ways it seems sooo much longer :), haven't they always been with me?!

Yana continues to go with the flow. She has figured out that raising her arms is a good way to be picked up by someone! She discovered that playing in the baby pool with mom is really fun! Kicking the water is fun too! And mom discovered she is easily sunburned ;). Also, she likes to dunk her head under. Which is strange because baths are not enjoyable for her. :)

Tavi is doing fantastic!!!! :). ESP the last couple of days. It has taken her a while, but she is now initiating affection, hugging, wanting picked up, wanting all my attention (which I guess isn't all good ;)), and is learning to feed herself a larger variety of foods.

I feel like I have invested so much time and energy into Tavi, that Yana is getting short changed. And one of the hardest things about that is that Yana is always so content with whatever she gets. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.... How true this is right now.

Yana got up an hour before Luke and Tavi this morning so she pretty much had mom all to herself. Hopefully this can happen at least every now and then!

One of the main advantages of a big family is that there is an abundance of attention to go around usually! So Yana is getting a bunch, just maybe not as much of mine. We, or I, are still working on finding a balance that will be good fir everyone.

So as life marches on, these little girls continue to grow, heal, and shine! What a mighty God we serve!!!


  1. i loved this update! I'm so glad Tavi is coming around ;) I hope Yana continues to be an early riser for some alone time as well. I know how important that is to have ;)

  2. beautiful update, friend. Post pics soon :)

  3. What a wonderful update. The pictures are adorable! :)