Thursday, July 1, 2010

pictures for Quincy :)

Here ya go sis... just for you! :)

A couple of things I have noticed:

Tavi still has a flat head on one side. I wonder if that will go away...

Yana is used to doing nothing. She doesn't get hungry, tired, or bored... at least not so that she will do anything about it. She will cuddle, and reach out to be picked up, halfheartedly at least. She enjoys watching Tavi play and walk around.

I am having Tavi "help" me with Yana. She helps me find her and wake her up. She doesn't like to touch her much, but she slmost smiles now when she finds her....


  1. Caleb still has a flat head in the back on one side. I was told it was most likely from laying on his back with his head turned slightly, for long periods of time.:(

  2. and in her POPPY DIP!!! oh it just makes my heart smile :)

  3. They both are so precious. I know there will be a lot of adjustments, but I can't wait to see them thrive with FAMILY!!!!!! They are so beautiful :)

  4. Our son had a small flat area on his head. It went away rather quickly. It is from laying in one place for long periods of time! Very sad!

  5. Beautiful pics :)

    Hannah-Claire also has a flat head, but it's at the back of her head. I was concerned about it. The Dr said it was perfectly okay--just a sign of a child who has spent the first few months of her life lying on her back. Her skull had not developed properly.