Sunday, July 11, 2010


Well, the girls had a Dr. visit this week. We didn't do a whole lot, but they checked out fine and healthy all things considered.

Tavi is 38 inches and a whopping 26 lbs! She is SOOO skinny, with pencil legs and a prominent spine. But she eats very well, so I have no doubts she will be looking very healthy in no time.

She continues to improve in her adjustment each day. And I continue to learn how to read her and work with her also. She is so smart. But she likes to get her way, and right now when she doesn't she wants to be alone. I try to sit close and talk to her, but sometimes I just let her sit too.

She goes all over the house. She likes to go outside. Did I mention she is independent and pretty fearless? :)

She does not feed herself much, but will do a cracker or soemthing she can hold in her hand. She will not pick something up on her own to eat, so we are working on that.

Shes been to church and to the grocery store, and she has done great. :) Still lots of hitting, scratching, and fit throwing... but it is lessening!

She continues to prefer me, but is still very friendly and open when she is walking around on her own. If she is being held however she is more interested in staying put.


Yana checked out well at the Drs. too. At 7 years old she is 35 inches and a whopping 25 lbs. :( She has very skinny arms and legs, but her torso has a little weight...

She is engaging more often, crawlign on us if we lay on the floor. She also always has to be touching someone, like in the car she will have her legs stretched to rest on each person beside her. :)

She knows if I say "Mama kiss" then I am going to kiss her cheek and she offers it up without the horrid "Don't touch my head" look! She will go to anyone, but I do believe, and my husband agrees, that she prefers me. :) :)

Sometimes, I do get a little worried about her. She is SO delayed, and when I am not holding her I get to worrying about it. But then I hold her, and love on her, and I just really don't care so much. She is where she is, and we will meet her there. Together we will find where she will be going.... :)


My kids are doing GREAT with their new sisters. It makes me so proud to see my boys love on them. And Quincy is invaluable help! John is continuing to find his way around being their daddy, and they are slowly stealing his heart. :)

Life is going well, SUPER busy, and I feel like all I do is prepare food for someone, and then clean it up only to start again. but hopefully I will find a method that will feed all of us with minimal effort, esp. since I don't enjoy cooking overly much. :)

Pictures will follow later today, or tomorrow. :)


  1. Awww they are so precious! They are so lucky to be part of your wonderful family. So glad they are home with you.

    Have a wonderful week. :)

  2. So glad to hear they are doing well! It's always a relief to get that first dr appt out of the about testing for parasites?

    that's no fun, I tell ya!

    I'm really glad they're home.....I felt so bad for you during that LONG wait.

  3. What fabulus news, friend. I cannot wait to see them grow and grow and grow and grow.....

  4. Already you can see a difference. They are very cute. Tavi reminds us of our Lily- always laughing. Tavi does have the same mouth as Andrew we noticed... interesting since they are both blind. He was seen at the cleft clinic at Johns Hopkins to make sure his palate was ok and it was.It just is a very high palate.. and he still eats from the bottle and sucks his thumb.

  5. Thanks for sharing the girls updates. They are beautiful inside and out!