Sunday, July 4, 2010

Home at last....

Well the girls and I made it home last night about 2:00 am. It was quite possibly the longest day of my life, and one of the hardest! But so totally worth it!

Yana was a dream, she came out of her "zombie state" by the end of her second day with me and I think has decided there is no need to go back there! She slept most of the long 9 hour flight. And then proceeded to charm her way through the Chicago airport!

I wish it had been as easy on Tavi, but being blind all thus new stuff is so much harder to process. :(. She HATED the first flight, and REALLY hated the second one. She freaked out just going down the tunnel to load onto the second flight. She slept a total of maybe 30 minutes on the long flight as we were landing. Then we were able to let her sleep in the stroller till the wonderful security in chicago. (that was sarcastic!).

But, we made it and she's doing pretty good today. It will just take some time. And some tears from both of us. But oh how my heart hurt for her on the plane and my goodness I had never been so angry at the injustices faced by these precious orphans! It was so overwhelmingly emotional, to have to hurt her just to save her.

As I sat in the bathroom on the plane holding and rocking her tears were running down my face. I wondered if this is ever how God felt? Having to allow pain into our lives, shocking our systems, so that we will finally be able to live out of our small tiny life. It still brings tears, falling for Tavi and falling for me.

It's always so much bigger than us. God does not call us to things W/O stretching us, sometimes as was the case with the flight, to our limit. But as I called on him in that tiny bathroom I knew His grace was sufficient for me and that we would make it. He called me to it, he will see me ALL the way through it! Praise God!

And what a blessed mama I am. These two little ones just make my heart overflow! I am beyond exhausted, not sleepy, just mentally done in.... But a couple of days and I'll get my wind back.

Hopefully a homecoming post w/pics will follow soon.

Please pray as the girls continue adjusting. ESP for little Tavi. She was born a fighter, my little miracle girl so I just know shell come out on top.


  1. How wonderful that they came home on Independence Day! What a great omen!

  2. So glad to hear you are home with the girls...rejoicing with you and can't wait to watch them change in your loving home.

  3. I am so glad you are home with the girls....I hate that it was a rough flight home (which is probably an understatement), but I love the positive spin you put on it, your attitude is always so good. Keep your spirits up.....through the rough days that are sure to come, know that you have so many people praying for you and you know where to find me, even if you just need to scream. Love you girl...welcome home!!!

  4. So glad that you are home. I am so sorry that Tavi and you had to go through that. I understand what you are going through! You are not alone.
    BIg hugs!!!