Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let's eat with Yana....

Let's drink some pop with Tavi...

Tickle fest....


  1. Look forward to your pictures- they make me smile. Never having met your family...never having met your new sweethearts, but having prayed with are a sister in Christ, and I LOVE SEEING HIS CHILDREN HOME!!! In loving arms where He meant them to be :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hi, I am considering adopting a child with Down syndrome from Bulgaria and I was trying to find a family who has done this because it seems that the children are low functioning and I was wondering if that changes once they are in a family? and do they have RAD like other kids? I have a 5 year old with down syndrome and a foster son with Down syndrome. any advise would be great. you girls are darling. my email is