Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Life is continuing to move at a rate that is passing me by, or so it seems. There are only so many hours in a day, and being summer I just can't rouse myself to not sleep in since my 3 youngest like to. During the school year I am up at 5:30 5 days a week, and don't seem to make it to bed before Eleven o'clock or later. So I justify my waking up at 8:30 (or later :) ) by needing to catch up from that time. :)

Tavi is making progress still a little bit everyday. It is finally apparent that she is understanding many things that we say. And she is once again repeating almost everything we say. In fact, when I am trying to teach her to say something like "thank you", I have to be very careful to not say "Say thank you". Or "SAY thank you" is exactly what she says. :)

Yana is crawling from the living room if she is bored, INTO the kitchen! I will look around from washing dishes and THERE she is! :) AND today, for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER she CLAPPED on her own while playing Patty Cake! It may seem like a small thing, but to have a 7 year old, who is like a 10 month old NEVER clap is very noticable to a mommy! AND exactly 3 weeks after leaving the orphanage she IS clapping, or at least starting too! I think that is pretty FANTASTIC!

I admit, I have been a bit down lately. Now it is probably partly due to this whole "post adoption depression" thing I hear about, but I have never been a huge believer in the whole "post whatever" stuff.

I LOVE my life. LOVE my husband. LOVE my kids. But really, I dont' know anyone personally (on line friends excluded) who have large families. And well, lets face it... it's a different life, and it can be an isolating one.

Still, I will pull myself out of this doldrum kind of mindframe long enough to post new pics whic I think are just adorable. And if you will notice, I think Yanas hair is growing and she is filling out a bit. Tavi doesn't seem to be, and she eats a LOT, more than Yana... but she is always GOING too! :) See what you think....

Does she have the sweetest little smile, or what?!

See, she's filling out!

SISTERS by HOLY design...

ok, this ones just cute! She loves finding the cat on her bed... :)

And this one, well I just love this outfit, AND the pants stay up!

Family... by HIS design! I admit, I love the visual differences in my children. Makes me think it's alot like Heaven.

Okay, it's blurry, but dont' you think we are cute?! :)


  1. Hi Kelly,
    The girls are doing so well, and I just love those smiles on their faces. I agree, your beautiful children are like having a little piece of heaven here on earth.:)

  2. Beautiful!! Wish I could be there with know there's A LOOOOOTTTT of farmland here in Ohio:)!

  3. Did someone say Ohio? I have family in Ohio! Lots!! (my moms the youngest of 12)..lets go Kelly, meet me with your gang at the cornor & I'll bring mine, husbands in tow too (Lord knows we couldn't live w/out our hubbies ♥) :D Boy that'd be a blast for sure!!! My family is little compared to yours but we certainly feel the isolation of it. My little brother won't even have us over much anymore..he jokes saying "theres to many of them!" I guess it's the price we pay for having all kinds of blessings in our homes :) Well sweet lady, your welcome in my home anytime..ALL OF YOU! :)
    Okay..the girls..OH MY GOODNESS!! They're looking so at home! & Yes, I can see the change in little Yana..she even has a twinkle in her eye :) and Tavi..oh lordy, she's a looker for sure! So cute! Someday I pray I get to meet you all...I'll just squeeze the heck out of each of you! I'm praying for the blues to be lifted. BTW..I think you do have a bit of heaven in your home :)

  4. YES-I think you're cute!
    YES- I LOVE the visual difference in your children
    YES-Tavi has the best smile--it's made me become more aware of the blind children on RR.
    YES-Yana is filling
    YES-having a large family can be isolating (I imagine..heck we only have 3 kids and feel isolated because we don't "do" or "buy" like the world...SOON we will be BIG! we'll come and visit you (cheap vacation!) and that will be something fun to do!!
    In a way, I DO believe in the "post whatevers" whether it's giving birth, or adoption...emotions (and hormones) can do crazy crazy things do your body! Bodies need rest and life is it's Biblical! LOL (that's what i tell myself when I try to go to bed early.) LOL
    I love you!!

  5. The girls look awesome! Your whole family is beautiful.

    And I think I know just how you are feeling. Large family - check. Not enough hours in the day - check. Isolation - check. Post-adoption "whatever" - check.

    This past few months has taken more energy and patience than I had bargained for. But all of our children are so worth it. I just didn't expect to have to remind myself of that daily ;).

    There was about a month when I was taking things hour by hour. The transition was honestly all-consuming and often overwhelming. (I'll have to do a blog post on that once I am off my summer hiatus ;)!)

    Recently, I've graduated to taking things a day a at a time :). Post-adoption medical appointments and paperwork are winding down for us now, and that is such a good we are moving on to a new phase.

    At one point, when I was feeling really squashed, I wrote out a list to help me re-claim my life and my happiness from the sheer exhaustion/post-adoption blues. At the top of what I thought I needed to aim for: (1) more laughing, (2) more music, (3) more sunsets, (4) more candles, (5) more help.

    Whenever I get overwhelmed, I go back to look at my list on the fridge. What would be on your list?

    I hope you have some sweet moments today--a little break, a little laughter, a little amazement. Bringing your girls home is such a triumph. I am glad they are finally in your outstretched (albeit overworked) arms :).

    xoxo, Lisa

  6. Oh, Kelly- your photos are beautiful!!! So many great things going on in your household!!! But, there does seem to be a "down" period after all the long journey to bring them home, at least from my experience, is done. And it is isolating being a "different" family- larger/sn's/little hearts healing/whatever the circumstance...bummer that everyone is all scattered across the country and we all can't physically "connect" often in person. But, be sure if we ever trek back home to CO (surely it will be by car from here on out, not plane), we'll stop in! And you must plan for a side trip to DE if you ever haul the kids to DC!! :) Blessings, Jennifer

  7. ME TOO!!! It is hard being sooo different from everyone else you know. wish we lived closer....

    Love the pics. So excited for the progress :)

  8. YES, you are sooooo adorable together :) I LOVE the sweet pics, friend. I so understand how you're feeling. It is hard to find like-minded families. Trusting the Father to send you encouragement.

    Oh, and I just cannot get up either :)

  9. i have to ask..whose the last comment from & can you read it? Wow :)

  10. What cute, cute kids. I can relate to the 'down' feeling and the isolated feeling. I liked the comment about making a list for "more laughing, more music, more sunsets," etc.

  11. Hi, the girls are looking so good! you do have heaven at your house. Sleeping in that is exactly how I feel. I have been keeping the little girls up pretty late and so they sleep in until about 8 and I hate it when I sleep in because then I feel like I have wasted to much time but it sure is nice. I found a little girl from bulgaria that I want to bring home to my already large family prayers are needed that my husband feels the same way. come meet us on our blog at

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