Sunday, June 28, 2009


I dreamed about my 2 little girls last night. It was so real. My husband and I went to bring them home. I can not explain the feelings of this dream. I didn't want to wake up! But they carried me all day on an emotional high of joy, peace, and excitement! I realize my girls may not be as well off as they were in this dream, but I still feel like it was a gift from God to dream of them in such a tangible way.

My eyes are aching to see them! My lips are aching to kiss them good night! My fingers aching to feel their hair! My arms are aching so much to hold them and gently rock them! .....

Some day soon, they will be safe in my arms surrounded by the love of their Heavenly Father. Till then Father, cradle them gently in your arms, and let them feel all your love for them!

Good night my Yana Jewell. Good night my Shawnee Valentinova. Mommy does love you, across the miles, across the obstacles facing this adoption, across oceans, and across time. You are truly loved!

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  1. Oh friend, my heart aches with you--I LONG to see those sweet angels in your arms. It will be here before you know it, I promise :) Hang in there.