Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No doubt about it...

You know what I realized just today? I have absolutely no doubts left in my mind that these girls are meant to be a part of our family! How glorious is that? For a while I was praying like crazy that God would grant me total peace about this adoption, and then today I realized I had not been praying for peace in this adoption, and you know why? God has already answered!

Now I pray God will grant us the very common prayer in international adoption.... MONEY to see it through and bring the girls home ASAP! And HEALTH for my girls.....


  1. HI this is Joe.......I will pray for you.I know how it fill........We are can't wait for our new brother and sister get home.......I remember when I was in Ukraine and I been told that some body want to adopt me, so I fill like I have a family now!!!!Alot of children don't know what family are.......But when somebody adopt them they will know what family are............I matt a women at my work she adopting one little boy from Russiah and she is weting for paper work to be done...I will pray for you,and all the children that somebody will adopt them.......Thank you for posting;Joseph

  2. YES---they are your children--destined to be yours before the foundation of the earth! Isn't that so amazing?
    The funds WILL come in--they always do. God is so faithful to provide for adoptions.
    Are you having any fundraisers?

  3. I am waiting till our HS is done. Then I hvae some in mind to get started.

    Thanks for the encouragement! :)

  4. Oh I love it!!! Nothing like His peace to ease the mind :) Can't wait for your daughters to be home with you guys.