Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I learned this morning....

The following info was gathered from a Christian Radio Broadcast this morning. I think it was from a sermon by Chip Ingram. Anway, the title of the series is "Is Your God To Small?"

Some points that I felt compelled to write down and thus share with you all...

Seeking God is not a spectator sport!

Steps to seeking God, based on Proverbs Ch. 2.
1. Intake of God's word.
2. Attitude
-be teachable
3. Passionate Prayer
4. Prioritize God

*** You can not fully seek and find God through the intellect of others. True relationship and knowledge of who God is is birthed in the heart.

How do I know if I have an accurate view of who God is?
1. I have energy for God and Godly pursuits
2. Great and reverent thoughts of God
3. Show great boldness for God


  1. I'm totally in a full blown panic!! :) I love #3..Now is the time for us to show our blodness for God! I know these orphanages have to be floored by all of the families coming for God's little one's.~ Praying your little ladies time to be home comes quickly too :)

  2. LOL... :)

    It's great isn't it! So many children coming home....