Thursday, June 25, 2009

I couldn't help it!

I have been so overwhelmed still with all the paper work and organization that I just had to do something to make this adoption more real in my mind. SO.... I ordered this for Shawnee today:

[ ]

I got her the starry night fabric with her name "Shawnee Valentinova" embroidered on it. If I like it I am ordering one like it for Yana!


  1. That looks so stunning. I hope you love it--so you have to buy two :)

  2. I wanted to thank you for my wonderful surprise on your blog. I am still new to this blogging business but I love reading them. I am going to figure out how to start following others and put those sites on my blog. You are an incredible family and I am enjoying getting to know all of you through your blog. The blanket is beautiful as is the little girl who will be wrapped in it. Rhonda

  3. Thank you!

    *** I think I have already decided to buy two! LOL... but I am waiting till I see this one for sure. :)

  4. Oh cute! I think I'd be cuddling with that blankie while thinking about your daughters!