Sunday, June 28, 2009

Little Charlie...

Psalm 68:6 "You set the lonely in families." ... Heavenly Father, Charlie needs you now! He needs his family to come for him. Please do not let his hope to be held and loved by a mommy fade away! He is reaching out... please let someone answer! In your name we ask that Charlies family come for him! Amen.

Here is what a family that visited Charlie this week, as they are adopting their little girl from Eastern Europe, had to say! " Little Charlie (age 4) is in our kids group and he loves to be picked up and snuggled and he cries and cries when we put him down :(. "

This breaks my heart. He is reaching out, full of child like hope and faith, for a mommy to love him. Who will answer this small heart if you don't? Look at his picture, let Gods heart speak to yours....

This darling little boy needs a family right away. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. He is HEALTHY, with only strabismus as a complication to his DS. His grandmother visited the first year of his life, but not since then.

Here is what his caregivers have to say: " The boy is calm and very kind. He dresses himself and eats himself. Speaks some words. Understand when he is addressed by adults, performs tasks on elementary level. Very interested in toys, can concentrate his attention on books, likes musical instruments very much, and especially enjoys �playing� the piano. "

Here is what a family that visited him recently had to say: " Charlie was a little shy at first staying near his caregiver but then with prompting began to sing a song and dance with his caregiver. He was able to perform several songs and poems while doing the hand motions with her from memory. After a while he too would come and give us hugs around our legs. He has more intelligible verbalization but still some speech impaired. He is ambulatory and does not have any visible impairments, appearing healthy. (Without labored breathing or pallor)"

Charlie will be 5 this August. Most children in this country are moved to institutions at age 4 or 5. The mortality rate is high, the quality of care is not great to say the least.

Please visit this link for more info on Charlie:

**** wanted to add, when we first started narrowing down what kinds of special needs we could handle and what age of child would be best for our family, I really hadn't considered a child over age 3. Now we are adopting two girls, that by the time we get them home will be 4 and almost 7. God has reaffirmed this decision for me time and again, and I am so excited! The photos of waiting babies still draw me, but I know they are not mine. These 2 girls are. So dont' be afraid to listen to Gods heart speaking to yours, even if it is leading you in a slightly or dramatcially different direction than you first thought!


  1. Little Charlie weighs on my heart as well. He was one of the little guys we were in prayer about when God lead us to our Isaac. I'm praying with you today that Charlie's family hears God's call and answers. :(

  2. He is soo cute...I love your post..I went to your post link on the reecesrainbow and those children are need help but people don't know that,so I will pray for people so they can open there eyes and know that they missing something in there life,that is those children....Thank you for posting this post....One thing that I ask my self if I would ever have a family??????????????YES!!!!!!I could never ask God for a family like I have now...Thank you Jesus for loving me and all the children......I will pray for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joe

  3. Oh goodness, what a little angel.

    I so understand what you mean. I really wanted God to give me another little one--instead He blessed us with Haven (who was almost 8 when she came home). His ways are so not our ways! He does know best. Having an open heart and mind gives Him permission to move and do whatever He needs to do in and through us.

    What a beautiful post!