Thursday, August 6, 2009

Praise God! Update on my girls!

I thank God for Toni! She is awesome! She is the facilitator in our girls country. And praise God, she was able to get a small update on my girls! This helps, really.... they are REAL, they are DOING WELL all things considered. My heart is light today....

I wanted to share it with my friends who would understand! This is the message that I got:

Praise the Lord, I was able to talk to both directors and they gave me updates on the girls. Yana is doing well, though not progressing much since he last time I saw her. A specialist works with her once a day besides the PT and other therapists at the orphanage. She is healthy and cheers up when someone approaches her. She started getting up on her feet on her own and walk assisted by the personnel.

As to Shawnee the director said that she is always healthy and doesn't get sick. She said Shawnee is managing well on her own and is pretty adapted to her blindness. Also, she said Shawnee is a beautiful child with thick wavy hair and perfect little body.


  1. Oh, this is like GOLD, my friend. So very precious. Boy do I understand.
    What wonderful news that both girls are doing so well. My heart is rejoicing with you today, sweet friend. God gave you such a little gift today :)

  2. Thank you! I knew you would understand! :)

  3. Great news! They sound precious!!:)

  4. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick." I know this to be so true in my life. What a wonderful thing to have this little bit of hope to hold onto!

  5. Just any bit of information about your children can keep you going for a long time. I always hung on every word I could get even though physically they were in another place in my heart they were always right there with me. Praise the Lord for the seemingly small things which in reality are what keeps us moving forward. I am so happy that the girls are doing well. I will keep praying that they will be home soon. Rhonda

  6. Thank you everyone! It is easy to feel alone in this, though I have some good friends they have not gone through this... so it is hard for them to really understand. You are all so special to me! I treasure every word of encouragement! :)