Tuesday, August 4, 2009

this and that...

In an effort to help me overcome my frustration I asked our facilitator in our girls country for an update of teh girls. Don't know if she is able to do this for us yet, but it would really help if I had something current to hold onto!

In thinking of them, I am making a list of a few things I will need to have on hand when they come home.

1. a toddler bed and crib mattress
2. nice supply of pull ups
3. girls clothes size 4t and 3t
4. a highchair
5. a blender for mashing Yana's food
6. a double stroller would be really nice!
7. some new developmental toys. Luke was never into toys much, so I dont' really have much beside superheros! :)
8. a couple of bottles for Yana, though praying for her sake she is no longer taking a bottle by then as she is already 6 years old!
9. a dresser, preferably large enough for them to share
10. oops, forgot... crib and toddler bed bedding!
11. a couple of baby gates, esp. because Shawnee can't see
12. a support group of at least someone who can go to dr.s appts., or babysit, or just come over and talk to me as I may be home bound with the 2 girls plus Luke who is only 3, and may just need someone to listen to my concerns and fears w/o judgement

That doesn't sound too daunting. Now for the list of things that have to happen to bring them home, outside of the everyday things that need to happen as part of life. :)

1. find the MONEY/Funds to pay all the fees for the adoption, travel etc.
2. Homestudy, USCIS, passports, Dossier, MOJ approval, travel to country on trip 1, return and file I-800, approval and travel for 2nd trip and bring girls home. [that is only all the things in a nutshell!]
3. get the girls room ready after I decide what room they will be in, which may entail remodeling our basement and moving a couple of boys down there. But we have an office that can double as a bedroom for a bit if needed, so this is a totally non stress item to complete. :)

Now, Yanas birthday is in March. I would love to see her home before her birthday! Shawnees is in Nov. so I dont' think they will make it home, but God willing let me travel before that on the first trip!

I have not held a fundraiser because I really want our HS completed first. I feel like we can be more "serious" about our completion of the adoption if we are HS approved! That means somehow I may have a very short time to come up with 14 thousand dollars. We have the credit to borrow it, but oh how I would LOVE to NOT have to do that!!!!! It is our emergency option, but I so do NOT want to use it. But I do believe that if I were to tell God that I let the thought of more debt keep me from giving family to these 2 girls, He would be so disappointed in me! Not saying this is so for everyone, but I know it is for me.

Also, James adoption is hopefully finalized within the next couple of months! Which means we lose his foster care payment. It makes a difference, enough of one we dont' want to lose it! So we are trying to find ways to scrimp and stretch. Following are a list of ways we may stretch dollars, for a bit at least.

1. no Fall sports
2. send lunch to school for the 3-4 not in highschool [trying to decide if this will save money] James is free till adopted.
3. no eating out with friends for me, unless they pay ;)
4. no new animals, rehoming our 2 guinea pigs. Any takers?
5. keep up my weekly menu more faithfully... I know it saves us some money!
6. and some various other things here and there, plus anything else I can think of!

Some fundraising or money gathering ideas:
1. baby bottles with fliers of girls passed out to family, friends, and church to be filled with spare change.
2. bake sale and garage sale
3. coordinating with a local restaurant to have a fund raising night
4. applying for grants and possibly a low interest loan
5. asking family and friends for frequent flyer miles if that is possible!

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