Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Fall!!!!

Ecclesiastes 3

1.To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

I LOVE Fall! It is my favorite season, my favorite time of year...

I love cool air. I love the smell of dried leaves. I love the smell of dampness. I love apple cider, chili, wiener roasts, football games, and snuggling with my sweetheart on the deck under a blanket. I love cloudy days! I love it when it gets dark early. I love candy corn. I love the way the cool wind blows through my hair. I love the colors of the trees. And I LOVE wearing jeans and sweatshirts! It has always been my favorite thing to wear [ask my mother, I drove her nuts when I was younger!]

"Jacket weather!", there just isn't anything to dislike about it!


  1. Okay, I have a great idea--you come live here in the frozen North Pole, and I'll come and take care of your cows where it is not too cold :) I hate the cold weather. Hate is a strong word, I know :) I hate wearing coats! I adore summer--but I think it missed us completely this year.

  2. LOL... sounds good. But today through Friday it is in the 70's here. Is that okay? I prefer 55-65 myself. :)

    The cows like it too! :)