Thursday, September 10, 2009

One more child soon to be adopted!

James is 8 years old. The other two are Quincy, she is 9, and Lucas who is 3 1/2.

We received great news today! We are signing the APA [adoptive placement agreement] for James on Monday morning! This has been a long road as we were ready to adopt him over a year ago! But here we are, in the final stretch! He is very excited, as are we!

We talked of changing his name, at least his middle name as a way to celebrate the change in his life. But we are undecided. His birth father writes to him, and he is a "junior" named after his birth father. We are very happy to have that connection, but I think it might be hard as he gets older to have the only name in the family not chosen by his parents.

He thinks that it is fine. Even wants to change his first name sometimes... LOL... not anything we would use! :) Anyway, just something to think over!

It will be so good to have it done! He will feel "normal". We can stop keeping up our foster care license "for now" :). The kids are SOOOO excited to be able to put the trampoline back up! And we can go out of town on a moments notice! HOORAY!

AND we were blessed to get a small subsidy, keep his medical card, and have all the adoption expenses paid for!!!! He is not even dealing with any special needs, just possible because of his life history.

Like I said, I am feeling very blessed and excited! He is already going by our last name at school so that the change will be nothing new there.


  1. OH BLESSED DAY!!!!!! Wow we have been there- so excited that you are there!!!!!! Hey, that subsidy for us helps us with our new adoption :) The best part is just getting it final! Our kids were soooooo thrilled to know the foster care was behind them- and a new life was ahead without visits, without wondering, without judges, without court apts., and with a new out look! Praise God- sooo HAPPY for YOU!!!!!!! CELEBRATING RIGHT NOW DOING A HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you! You may be more excited than I am! LOL :) You are always so sweet!

  3. What a blessed and happy time for your family. That is SUCH wonderful news, dear friend. I am totally rejoicing with you. He looks like such a sweet boy :)

    Thank you for sharing your joy with us.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog, and congratulations on your beautiful son!

  5. Congrats Kelly! Now only 2 more to add to the bunch :)