Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The impossible

As I sat paying bills, I was once again struck by the impossibleness [is that a word?] of raising not only 7 kids, but soon to be 9 kids, on our single family income. And to top it off, once James' adoption is final we will lose the $600s a month that we get for foster care. There is no subsidy. And in this void of monthly income there is also the need to find ways to finance the remaining very large sum that we have left to gather to bring the girls home.

I should be worried, some days I AM worried. But usually, like today, I sit waiting on GOD, because I KNOW that He is wanting these 2 little ones to come home to us! He continues to reaffirm this over and over!!! Did you know there are actually days that I hurry to the mailbox in anticipation wondering if God sent me a check to fulfill our financial need to bring the girls home. Each day it isn't there just makes me more excited to find out just HOW He is planning to amaze me with His provision.

That may seem weird to a lot of you. It seems weird to me too, until I ponder just WHO my Heavenly Father is and the fact that there are no limits, no boundaries, no rules that we as humans can put on Gods!!!! HE is who HE is and had always been!! He will provide to "set the lonely in familes!" to "take care of orphans in their distress!"

And, to answer a question that so many have "Why not adopt locally or domestically? Why adopt from another country when so many children in the US need families?" Well, GOD doesn't see countries, boundaries, or limits. He sees the needy, the forgotten, the suffering, the least of these, the orphan and HE open hearts, doors, and pocket books to bring them home to a family!!!

So, amid all the confusion, worry, nervousness, dread, and oppositional opinions of the world we choose for our house to serve GOD! He has asked us to bring Yana and Shawnee home and we have said "YES!". We are relying on Him to show us how, to know what need before we even need it, and to provide! Praise God!


  1. We got the same question...you can't explain what God is doing in your heart to everyone..some just won't understand..so I'll praise God with you!!


  2. I am with you.....sometimes it seems and feels sooo impossible, but praying brings peace because these are not my children to bring home- they are God's! So I have to wait on His Perfect Plan.......sooo hard!

  3. Amen - I am right there with you.

  4. Oh my dear friend--I sooooo understand. Thank the Lord we walk by faith and NOT by sight--or else we'd probably all give up along the way to bringing our children home.

    God is MORE than able to take care of every detail! he has already gone before you and He WILL provide every step of the way.

    Journeying with you, my friend. You DO NOT walk this road alone.