Thursday, September 3, 2009

Please vote!

Do you like the 2 tone hat or the single tone or neither? I was thinking about giving out a limited number of hats. One for each person that donates over a certain amount toward the girls adoption.

Design #1:

Design #2:

Design #3:

Design #4:

Design #5: similar, but with a font change.

*** part of the point being the hat leaves you thinking and hopefully people will ask questions... does it make sense? 147 million orphans world wide, minus our 2 girls that "you" helped to bring home! :)


  1. LOVE design one, friend.

    What a great idea.

  2. I like the first 2 designs best.

  3. Thanks. Thought about doing T-shirts too since the hats are a more manly design. :)

  4. Love # 1. Maybe you could make one that says 147 million minus one as well. I know you are adopting 2, but it would be great for those of us adopting one to have it say one and have it be more personal for us. Does that make sense? Still a great idea!!!!

  5. I will look into it! :) ... might be I could order a certain number with that one change and see if they will give me a discount. I need to call them next week and see as right now I think they are kind of pricy for what I want to use them for.