Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting closer, and closer ...

Dossier almost complete:

I need:

employment letter
family picture pages

I need to have mailed to me:

USCIS clearance
FBI fingerprints
my Passport

THAT IS IT! THAT is ALL we need! CAN you believe it????? I am praying these things all come quickly. Our check sent to USCIS has cleared so at least they are doing something with it, we put our fingerprints in the mail yesterday, and my passport was sent off to be processed on Monday. So... now... we basically do what we have become quite good at... we WAIT!


  1. YEAH!!! USCIS stuff is the longest part of all those you listed. Soo excited for you as you get closer and closer to bringing home your angels!!!!!! Oh what a great day that will be:)

  2. That's so exciting!! We are right there with you. It won't be long for you, especially considering you already know who your girls are. We'll still have to wait for a referral, but all in God's timing.

  3. wooohoooo----you are getting so close now, friend!!!! Rejoicing.