Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun day at Deanna Rose!

Lucas and Ella, enjoying the swing together... well almost. ;)

Lucas made a new friend. He now wants a pet goat. He is his mothers son!

Aidan and Luke. Luke is obviously overcome with excitement as this is at the beginning of the zoo. :) He is so unable to not show what he is feeling! LOL

Deanna Rose is a great big petting zoo in Kansas City. It is a fantastic place to take your kids, and best of all it is FREE! Lucas, my youngest, had a great time. Above are some pictures from our day together with my sister and her 2 oldest kids. My other kids were all in school... benefit of being the youngest. :)


  1. I have lived in KC most of my life, and have never been there. I will have to check it out sometime! Your little ones are adorable, too!

  2. Oh how I love the zoo!! My face looks alot like Luke's when ever I get to go :) What fun! Looks and sounds like you all had a blast. Did I tell you yet how beautiful your letter is to your little ladies? :)

  3. Have we met yet? I'm Lydia, hoping to adopt a Reece's Rainbow child from Ukraine by this fall. We've just started the process! Not sure if I've seen you on the yahoo group...

  4. Thank you Alysha, and Rachel! Hi gypsy. Not sure if we have met. Nice to meet you! So you have a child currently tuggin on your heart from RR?