Sunday, April 26, 2009

A letter to my girls.....

Hi girls!

This is mom. I wanted you to know I dreamed of you this afternoon! I got to hold you and play with you. It was very real. I feel it was a gift from God, to let me get to "see" you and "feel" you. I woke up way to soon.

I went shopping for your sister, Riley today. She needed shoes for her prom dress. We were able to find some that will look great with her dress, and they were priced very nicely. Only 10 dollars! Woo Hoo!

I also went into Old Navy and found your brother, Lucas, some shorts. While in there I browsed through the little girl section. I found the cutest little dresses! It was so hard not to buy them. But I didn't because I dont' know if you like dresses, or prefer pants. And I also dont' know what the season will be when I bring you home! I could picture you both, in little flowered dresses just twirling around for your daddys approval. You WILL twirl someday! If you can't do it alone, I will help you! All little princesses need to have a chance to twirl and show off how beautiful they are!

God created you, you are both princesses. Your Heavenly Father has decreed it! I can't remember right now where it says it in the Bible, but it does. Did you know that?

We had a sermon last night at church about remembering God in our jobs from 9 to 5, as well as at home or church. Do you know how lucky I am? MOM is my job, 24/7, and I wouldn't trade that for anything! I remember God, but I also see Him constantly. I see Him in the smile of my children, in the promise of things yet to come, in the blessings He daily loads upon all of us, in the pictures of you, in the breeze, in the birds overhead, in the moon and stars that shine so bright out here in the country.

I hope I get to share all that with you. Yana... I hope I get to be with you soon and see a big harvest moon, or shining stars. I hope I can be with you soon when you say "birdie" for the first time adn point to the sky! I can't wait till you say "mommy" when you are looking into my eyes! Shawnee... I hope I get to be with you when you hear the birds sing, feel the sun on your face, and the wind in your hair! I want to hold your hands as you explore the green grass of summer and the water in the pool on a hot day. I want you to pat my face as you say "mommy".

I don't know how one can love what one has not ever seen. But you know, I love God and have never "seen" him. And God loves you and has seen you, he created you! And because I love God and the Holy Spirit dwells within my heart... my heart loves what God loves. So you see, I do love you both even though we have yet to meet!

May your day be blessed as you wake up this morning! May you be held, loved, fed, cuddled, played with, and kept safe! It may take a while, but mommy will come for you! God has a plan, and He will do what He feels is right! I pray to be allowed the unparalleled blessing of being your Mom!



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  1. How sweet. Your girls will enjoy you reading it to them someday.