Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In the beginning there was a Homestudy...

So we had our first visit from our social worker on Friday. Everything went so well! Beverly has been doing this a long time, and I feel she will be very efficient in getting things going and done with! She sent me an email and it said: "Any child would be blessed to be adopted by your family!" It never fails to worry me how others see us, and yet I wouldn't trade any of my kids or my husband for any treasure of this world! We are loud, loving, loyal, and possibly just a little bit crazy. :)

Now we spend time on the paper trail of health forms, legal clearances, birth certificates, marriage license, sign here, notarize here, apostille there.... and so on and so on.

The road seems SSSSOOOO long, and the cost very daunting. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father that He is in charge of all this and not me!!!!

Yana and Shawnee, we are praying for you daily and we WILL be there to bring you home. May God hold you in His arms till we can share you with Him!


  1. Soon though you will be through it all and when you have your children... all this will be a mere memory... It does finally all get done and the Lord does provide.

  2. Thank you! I think some of my impatience is that I feel like I waited so long to get to adopt internationally, that it feels like I have been waiting forever. Now that we finally are going ahead I want it done tomorrow. :)