Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hearts under construction....

I have felt attacked by many who do not seemed concerned with Gods heart for children and adoption. I try to not be angry and instead let Gods glory shine through me. I fail.

As of today, I am giving it all over to Him. I can not change human hearts, only the Creator can do that. I can not give them greater love and understanding, only the One that created them can do that. And you know what else? I am not a finished work either! This imperfect human heart of mine still needs help with this from God!

Below is the verse Hebrews 13: 3

Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself. Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies. - NLT

Millions of children worldwide go hungry each night.

In a Russian orphanage they do not get the medicines and health care they need.

In a Bulgarian orphanage they cry out for loving arms to hold them only to at last go silent, never to cry out again because they have finally been shown the truth that no one will come. So they begin to rock their own bodies in silence.

A mother in Liberia holds her dying child, and the Lord hears her and weeps, but His followers remain silent and unmoved.

A child in a Ukrainian orphanage has Down syndrome and can not walk. She is very small and undernourished. Upon age 7 she is moved to a mental institution wherein she dies within a few short months because of the common flu.

A child on the streets of San Francisco cries with hunger through the night, while all day long people pass him by hurrying to go eat at a restaurant that serves portion sizes way to big.

In the US a child is removed from her drug addicted mother at the age of 6. She spends the next 5 years going back and forth between foster homes and her birth mother. Upon turning 11 parental rights are finally terminated. She is now 11 years old, has experienced sexual and physical abuse, lived in squallor, lived in 3 loving foster homes, lived 3 in bad foster homes, met drug addicts, sexual predators, been high, had intercourse, been drunk, been hungry, been afraid, been left alone, been thrown back and forth in a system that too often seems to put the needs and rights of adults before the needs and rights of a child that can not defend herself.

I think of these children, and I cringe. What must God think of me? What love He must have to continue to love and forgive me even as He finally welcomes a sick and starving child into His loving arms? I can not help but think to myself,who had He called to be His hands and feet that did not answer? Please don't let it be me! So I pray:

Oh Father forgive me my excesses! Forgive me my temper tantrums over not getting what I want. Forgive me my worry over getting my fair share. Forgive me for not having a heart big enough to feel the pain of these little ones that are crying out! Lead me to do what I can, what you want. Lead me Father to humbleness and gratefulness beyond human comprehension. Lead me to have a heart like Yours!

(the following is adapted from a church newsletter) And still Father I pray that you:

Bless me with discomfort at easy answers, half truths, and superficial relationships; so that I may live deep within my heart.

Bless me with anger at injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people; so that I may work for justice, freedom, and peace.

Bless me with tears to shed for those who suffer from pain, rejection, starvation, and war; so that I may reach out my hand to comfort them and to turn their pain into joy.

Bless me with enough foolishness to believe that I can make a difference in this world; so that I can do what others claim cannot be done!

I ask this in your Holy Name Jesus,


** I share this so that if you feel called to, you will also pray it for yourselves and others. I pray it over all who read it. **


  1. I loved your post... I think you expressed the heart of Jesus well. May I use it or a part of it sometime?