Friday, March 12, 2010


Oh how I am a nester!!!! In fact, I have had such a HARD time NOT preparing for my girls arrival! It was something I knew my heart would need as the time to bring them home got closer and closer, and yet seemed so far away.

So, I told myself that I could start preparing for them in March. You would think they were coming tomorrow as hard as I have been working! LOL. I have managed to move 2 boys out of the girls room and into the sunroom/computer room which I converted half of into a bedroom [thanks to a dressing screen]. Luke and Nolan actually like it. OH! And I bought a cheap dresser from K-mart and my husband assembled it for the boys. :)

On top of that, I went through ALL the clothes my sister and sister in law gave me, and put them away into the girls dresser [summer/spring on one side, winter/fall on the other]. Other than socks the girls are pretty set clothes wise. :)

Now, last night and today I PAINTED their whole room a BEAUTIFUL Eddie Bauer WATERMELON SLICE pink. It is so much prettier than what this shows! One wall has navy wall paper with floral accents. It is going to be perfect for our girls! I will have pictures when it is finished. [I am waiting for coat one to dry!]

I am storming Heaven with prayer. I know that it will be quite a while before they are home, but I am STILL praying for April, and secondarily praying for a travel date before May 21st [which is the last day of school here!]

For today, I must say I am excited to have them home and feel very UP! Our article 5 letter will be released next week, then about another week before it gets sent to the MOJ. So please pray specifically for God to prepare the hearts of the MOJ to sign the approvals QUICKLY upon receiving the letters and send it just as quickly to court!

For all of my friends waiting for their children to come home too, know that I AM praying for you! We have to carry each other through the tough times! We can't do this alone!

I love you all!


  1. AMEN to nesting!!! Since our adoption is in such limbo right now.....I nest constantly....and I think I am driving my husband nuts!!!! :)

  2. I know what you mean about nesting! It makes you feel closer to them as we wait, and makes it more 'real'. LOVE the color :)