Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Remembering My Mom

Hey all... It's Riley (again).

I have this friend, and her name is Aly. Aly was about five years old when her mom passed away to breast cancer.

This year, Toyota is having a design-a-car contest. Aly's family are huge NASCAR fans, and so she designed one in memory of her mom. It's quite spectacular, and even holds a picture of little her, her brother, and her mom on the hood.

Aly has two weeks to get as many votes on this car as she can (each car is closed to votes after two weeks). On April 1, round one ends, and the top ten cars with the highest amount of votes will move on to round two. After that, well, I'm not sure what happens. But then whatever car wins round two will be raced in the All-Star Race (we believe it's the one right before Memorial Day).

We really need to get cracking on these votes! You can only vote once a day, but it counts IP addresses so vote from as many computers as possible!! There is already a car with 32,000 votes...it's about hugs and kittens. Which is fine, except Aly's means something. Please, everyone, help us remember Aly's mom by racing her car!!

http://www.sponsafier.com/#/gallery/view/158580 <--that is the direct link to her car. Show to all your friends!!

(If the link doesn't work, go to toyotaracing.com->click on the purple car on the right hand side->click the gallery link->search->remembering my mom).

Thank you everyone for supporting us on our adoption journey, and Aly on remembering her mom!

Much love,

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