Monday, March 15, 2010

Praising God! One step closer!

We are one step closer to having the girls home! Our article 5 letter has been released from the embassy! Woo-Hoo! 3 whole unheard of days early! Thank you Jesus!

Now Toni will translate it and have it authenticated which takes 5 business days. So pray with me it is ready and can be filed with the MOJ early next week! There our dossier awaits 2 signatures, and then it is off to court where we are assigned, God willing, an adoption friendly judge, and a, God willing again, quick and successful court date!

Still praying for an extremely unlikely April travel date, but also for at least before May 21st!

Rejoicing today!!!


  1. I think you caught up with me:)!!!! Here's to praying that we get our MOJ signatures ASAP!!!

  2. Yipeeeeeee.....AMAZING news, my friend.

    Simply wonderful :)

  3. Yeah! So glad things are moving forward. Praying each step continues to move just as well.

  4. Praying for a quick timeline and safe travels to bring those girls home!

    The Arnold Family:)

  5. Thinking of you... I know how it is to wait!

  6. That is great news, praying and believing with you!