Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The girls Visa photos...

For those who haven't seen them, they are just too cute!

Oh how I miss these little girls! I try hard to not think to deeply about how much I miss them, I think my heart might break if I do. I told myself that in March I will get their room ready. I can't wait to be able to set up a permanent place in my home for them!

A few things I know we will need are:

1. Another crib, as we just have one. We have decided to start them both out in a crib as that is what they are familiar with. We are hoping to borrow one, as we don't think we will need it very long.

2. A highchair. I think Tavi will be fine in the booster seat with a tray that we have, but I think Yana would be better able to explore and eat safely in a highchair.

3. A DRESSER! We dont' have enough closet space as is, and the room they will be in does not have a closet at all.

4. 2 baby gates, one of which can be fastened to the wall, and have a gate. This will block the basement stairs! The other will block the hall way to the kids rooms. Initially, until we know if they like to put little things in their mouths and such we won't leave that part of the house freely open to them. I am looking at my house and baby/toddler proofing it.

5. A double stroller.

6. 1 car seat. We have 2.

7. Bedding for the cribs.

8. Curtains for their room to block the light.

9. Clothes, though I think I have enough to start out until I know their sizes better ... except socks and pjs, we still need those.

10. A good supply of diapers or pullups.

11. Bottles for Yana.

12. A food masher/baby food maker for Yanas bottles.

13. A few big bibs.

14. Toddler toys. I would love one of those music discovery tables for Yana. And a push along walker for Yana as she learns to love to walk independantly. Muscial toys for Tavi, and toys with alot of cool textures!

That is what I feel I need to start out with... a few things we can get as they have been home a bit, but overall I need most of the above list. Money will be tight for a while, but I am hoping we can come up with a good budget and even things back out...

I am still praying for an April return date! It IS possible for God!

AND my I800 could be approved as soon as Wed, tomorrow, but may take until Friday.

Please God ... move mountains, which in this case is represented by mounds of paperwork, and bring these little ones home into their mamas arms! In Jesus Name, AMEN!


  1. Soooooo precious!!!

    Oh my friend, I am so absolutely standing with you and trusting for an APRIL travel date. Of course the Lord can do it! Look what amazing things He has done already.

    I know your heart must be aching. Hang in there...you are sooooo close :)

  2. Too cute! Ava was screaming in her visa photo:)...APRIL, PLEASE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. How precious! I love their passport photos! I'm praying that you'll be back over there holding your little angels very very soon!

  4. What kind of bottles does Yana use? What size socks and PJs?

    I'd love to help with those items if you don't mind.

  5. Those little faces!! MMMmmmm, I could just squeeze the heck outta em! :D
    Okay, I wish I lived around the cornor from you for sooo many reasons, lol. One more reason?..I have all the big stuff above sitting in my garage..crib, dresser, highchair, stroller & yes, even an extra car seat (Naomi has graduated to a booster) All pretty costly to mail to you or I would :(
    If you want, we have a few really, really good resale shops here that only sale good quality, in great shape items for GREAT prices..I can check around for the bedding & cloths for you if you'd like? Do you guys have a .99 cent store near you, or something like it? Bibs, socks and such are a good buy there. Hang in there girl, God will make the way for them to be home..even with a nasty USCIS officer :(