Saturday, February 13, 2010

Step by step God is bringing them home! HUGE praise!

... again! :) We received our receipt in the mail that our I800 is being processed!!!! It could be approved as soon as 10-15 days from the 10th of Feb. :) Waaaa-Hooooo!

And I got my docs back that are apostilled and ready to send to Toni. All that's left is my updated physical form, and police clearance which only take minutes. Once those are apostilled I will send them on their way to Toni.

Do you know what this means???? The paperwork saga for the girls is SO CLOSE TO BEING COMPLETELY DONE WITH!!!! And soon, the only thing I will be doing is twiddling my thumbs waiting for the all clear to go and bring them home!

Pray with me that Renee and I are both bringing our kids home in April! That is... after Shelley gets her son home in MARCH!

Thank you again for every prayer!


  1. It was a VERY good day in the Mayden household today:)! God Bless!

  2. Oh you are sooooooo close, my friend. So close! You are ALMOST there!!!! I am so absolutely thrilled for you.

  3. We will PRAY PRAY PRAY to bring your sweet girls home VERY soon !! blessings this Valentines Day !!