Monday, February 8, 2010

Strengthening my roots.

Okay, so in a bible study I am doing, though I hvae yet to actually attend, we are reading "A Woman After God's Own Heart". In it Elizabeth George talks about the importance of having a strong root system... meaning a firm and knowledgeable relationship with GOD and His word.

It has occurred to me I am sadly lacking in memorization of bible verses. I know a small handful by heart, some more with a very general idea of what they say, but not always what book of the bible they are in. So I decided to start memorizing, even if it is just a verse or passage a week.

This might take me more than a week, obviously, but in doign my "read the bible in a year", of which I might add I am just over a week behind :(, I read this passage in Psalms and really want to keep it in my heart. So it will be first on my agenda. Nothing like diving in head first!

Psalm 16

The Best Choice
1Protect me, LORD God!

I run to you for safety,

2and I have said,

"Only you are my Lord!

Every good thing I have

is a gift from you."

3Your people are wonderful,

and they make me happy, [a] 4but worshipers of other gods

will have much sorrow. [b] I refuse to offer sacrifices

of blood to those gods

or worship in their name.

5You, LORD, are all I want!

You are my choice,

and you keep me safe.

6You make my life pleasant,

and my future is bright.

7I praise you, LORD,

for being my guide.

Even in the darkest night,

your teachings fill my mind.

8I will always look to you,

as you stand beside me

and protect me from fear.

9With all my heart,

I will celebrate,

and I can safely rest.

10I am your chosen one.

You won't leave me in the grave

or let my body decay.

11You have shown me

the path to life,

and you make me glad

by being near to me.

Sitting at your right side, [c] I will always be joyful.


  1. I absolutely LOVE that book. She is one of my favorite.

    Stunning scripture, my friend.

  2. Love that book did a bible study with our lady staff members a few years ago.

    Bonus of teaching our children to memorize scripture is that- I learn it too, and remember the verses I memorized as a child :)