Wednesday, February 24, 2010


[the above was said in a very snotty voice by me!]

No go... I had called USCIS yesterday, but didn't get him [our officer] so I left a voice mail. Called a little bit ago.. and "gasp" he isn't there again. So I hung up. But before that the secretary told me he requested more evidence, which will take at least 4-5 days to arrive. SO I called my agency worker, whom I love, and she is calling and emailing... trying to get a jumpstart on what it is they want. I was told birth certificates [which will not ever happen!], so who knows!

I have sent in exactly what other families adopting from Bulgaria have... but apparently there is not consistency in the workers desires or whims. I can not believe the one time I talked to him I told him how cool he was and I appreciated the time he took to talk with me! Just see if I ever say that again! I have half a mind to call his mother and tell her what a screwed up son she raised!

Having no recourse, I turned on some fast, loud worship music and sang along while washing my dishes. Great therapy, but I am still mad!


  1. Why don't you have bc's? You can always order them. We had to send those in too.

    OOOOHHHHH- frustrated with you!!!! It is sooo hard when they do things that don't make sense. I am sooo familiar with this!!!! Praying for a quick response and that you can get what they need back to them quickly.

    My arms ache for you, and I am praying!!!

  2. Crap...I am so sorry! Hoping they get what they need quickly so you can get your girls back in your arms soon!!!

  3. Uuuggghhhh....that just totally stinks!!!! I am so sorry. Oh dear, this international adoption stuff really keeps us on our knees, hey?

    Trusting that it gets sorted out like yesterday. Oh how I pray they are NOT requiring birth certificates. They SHOULD know better.

    Hang in there friend. I know you probably feel like a stiff drink right now :)

  4. BIRTH CERTIFICATES???? WHAT THE HECK??? We didn't need those!!! Ask for a different case worker..maybe that will work..probably not..but it couldn't hurt...Tia Harrison..she is/was/has always been AWESOME!

  5. sorry to hear this bad news. I get very frustrated when having to deal with government workers.

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