Friday, February 12, 2010

Another video, and 3 weeks ...

It's been 3 weeks. This morning I woke up thinking... "3 weeks, I have made it, I am going to be okay." Then I watched these videos which I hadn't watched since I got back. My arms are aching to hold them, my eyes overflowed with tears... tears of sorrow that they are not here with me, tears of joy that the WILL be here soon, and tears of thankfulness that the light in these two little ones eyes, and the joy of their laughter is not going to go out. They are soon to be heard, loved, and acknowledged!!!! Thank you Jesus for watching over them. Thank you for not letting up on me until they are finally home! Jesus... you are, and will forever be their HERO, their Guardian angel, their SAVING GRACE... and mine as well!

Seriously though, does Tavi remind you of a little girl who was born 3 months premature, and is fully blind? Do you think we should break it to her that she might have limitations? :) She takes my breath away....

And Yana, is there a funnier girl out there? Not to her anyway. :)


  1. SOOO a MOMMY!!! I LOVE IT! These girls are in for sooo much LOVE from you & from their Heavenly Daddy!!!

  2. Fighters, these girls are!!! And full of joy! Amazing!

  3. Oh you are just sooooooo precious!!!

    Three weeks--you made it, my friend. Every week that passes gets you another week closer to bringing them home :)

    LOVE that angel. Do you think she even realizes there is anything 'wrong' with her??? What a sweetheart.

  4. I have watched everyone of your precious videos. I loved the laughter from Yana. Praying for you all that this time apart will go so quickly. Rhonda

  5. It is so heartwarming to see each of the girls laughing--seriously LAUGHING out loud and enjoying their time with you. I forgot to tell you that Ella has renamed one of her baby dolls (all of whom are named Emma) to Tavi. :)

  6. Oh my, they are just so precious!! I can imagine how badly you want to bring them home! It won't be long now Kelly, you've done such a great job getting all of your paperwork done quickly! Praise God that Yana and Tavi are coming HOME very soon!