Friday, February 26, 2010

It' not going to happen...

At least that's what I am feeling right now. I can't give up, but how does one wait forever? It's not fair to dislike our USCIS officer so intensely as I do right now. I am really glad I do not know who he is lest I do something I regret! He is just doing his job... But right now I am really sad, down, angry, and feeling hopeless. I am feeling like nothing I/ we do will ever be enough to bring them home.


  1. PRAYING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry for this set back!!! PRAYING for you for your family & for your girls too!!!!!!

  2. Stop it right NOW!!!! We DO have an enemy...but we have a BIGGER GOD! PRAYING RIGHT NOW FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Okay, maybe it's time to go "over his head" like Shelley had to(maybe it's the same guy)...if you can't get any answers from him, go to the top:). Fight for your girls with all your might and the rest is God's business..He'll handle it..

  4. I have certainly been there with the Hague office....wanting to reach through the phone and choke the life right out of someone. *sigh*
    (((HUGS))) to you, my friend! I too have those days where I wonder if I will ever get to Gotcha Day. I keep reminding myself that adoption is God's heart....and that means that Satan is fighting against it at every turn. It doesn't mean I don't have those moments where I want to beat my head against a brick wall though!
    Saying a prayer that you can get this resolved quickly and move on to the next step!

  5. It will happen, I know it's frustrating and not fair for the girls to go a day longer without you.....But God is in charge and it is going to happen.

  6. Oh boy, my friend, do I UNDERSTAND! Our journey has been so full of all this nonsense. You are fighting a spiritual battle here--there is a war going on for your daughters lives. STAND FIRM and fight for them!!! Do not give up. Do not give the enemy the victory!!!!!! PLEASE.