Monday, April 12, 2010

A Room With a Vision....

Knowledge w/o vision is pointless. These pictures are of a room for 2 little girls. I know that, anyone seeing the room can see that.

Now, I also know, because I have faith in a GREAT BIG WARRIOR GOD, that it will soon be filled with 2 specific girls. Yana and Tavi will sleep in this room, and they will be a part of our family forever! GOD IS BRINGING THEM HOME!

Faith is hope in things unseen! I don't see them here yet, but I WILL. I have that vision because I have a God bigger than all the roadblocks, and delays this world can throw at us!

Here is there room, finally done [with the exception of installing the shades... I am so challeneged at home decor! :)]

Yana's crib.... I can't wait till it is filled with my precious sleeping girl!

Tavi's bed, be still my heart... I can just picture her sleeping contentedly!

Look at all the clothes just waiting to be worn... compliments of Aunt Erin, Aunt Julie and "Aunt" Meadow. :) And a few new things mommy just HAD to buy! :)

When I finally figure out how, there will be navy blue roman shades on each window. I have them waiting, just not sure how to install them. :)


  1. Love the view from the room! What a precious place awaits these girls.

  2. Beautiful Princess Room! They will fill it with their own magic touch and it will be perfect!

  3. LOVE their room....and I can picture them in it too- SOON mommy!!! We are praying- we serve a HUGE MOUNTAIN MOVING GOD!!!

  4. Looks wonderful! They will love it, and I can't wait to see them in it too:)!

  5. What a sweet room!! Can't wait to see pictures of them home!

  6. I love their room! So welcoming & Homey..just what your two Bulgarian princesses need :) So sweet!